The Port Alberni Association for Community Living has a number of books and videos in our library. Our library can be accessed by family members, friends, staff, participants and students in the Human Service Worker program. Individuals are welcome to come to our Administration office at 3008 2nd Avenue to see the selection.

Links for Self Advocates and Families


Operation Trackshoes is a weekend-long provincial sports festival for people with developmental disabilities.  It includes a full-lenght track and field meet, events for people in chairs, and many fun an recreational events as well.  They offer a wide range of activities appropriate for people of all levels of ability and ages.

Special Olympics provides high-quality sports programs and competitions to meet the needs and interests of individuals with intellectual disabilities, enriching lives and celebrating personal achievement through positive sports experiences.  For information on our local Special Olympics, call Edna at 250-724-5096.

Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide is a valuable website featuring General Travel Tips to make travelling in a wheelchair easier.  Also includes links to many Attracations and Wheelchair accessible Accommodations. 

 Traveling with Autistic Children is a helpful guide giving you tips for Traveling with Autistic Children.


BC Ferries Pass There are fare reductions for a person with a disability travelling on the BC Ferry system, and free travel when going to the mainland for medical appointments. 

Bus Pass Program offers a low cost, annual bus pass providing holders access on any scheduled BC Transit or Translink route.  Bus passes are available to eligible provincial persons with disabilities.  Passes are valid in those communities services by BC Transit or Greater Vancouver Transit (Translink) authority.  The bus pass does no provide for an attendant, and is not valid on Handy Dart.

Hope Air is a registered, national charity that provides free flights to people who cannot afford the cost of an airline ticket to get to medical expertise or specialized medical technologies that usually exist only in larger urban centres.

Port Alberni Transit Schedule and Fares

Travelling Abroad with a Disability is a helpful in-depth travel guide.  It offers helpful travel tips and useful accessibility information for people with various disabilities.  A vital chapter talks about what to pack, transport accessibility, medical emergency management and offers other travel recommendations. 

Wheels for Wellness Society is a service on Vancouver Island for transportation to non-emergency medical appointments that exceed 60 km (one way) from your home.


Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) A registered disability savings plan (RDSP) is a savings plan that is intended to help parents and others save for the long-term financial security of a person who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

TaxWise TaxWise specializes in helping people with disabilities/medical conditions, and their caregivers, get the maximum tax refund they are entitled to.

Help with issues

Advocate for Service Quality

The Office of the Advocate for Service Quality helps adults with developmental disabilities and their families receive high quality services. They can help with service from Community Living BC, the Ministry of Children and Family Development, from other ministries, or from service agencies in the community. THey are appointed by, and report to, the ministers responsible.

The Advocate does not work directly with the government.  If you have a problem with services, you can contact their office to talk it over. They will try to do something about it. They also encourage and help adults to advocate for themselves.  For example, they will try to help:

  • If you do not like the services you are getting
  • If you think you are not treated fairly or with respect
  • If you have problems with your social worker, financial aid worker, or support worker, or
  • If you have problems with where you live

Call Enquiry BC toll free at 1-800-663-7867 and ask to be transferred to the office of the Advocate for Service Quality at  604-775-1238

Mailing address:
Office of the Advocate for Service Quality
Suite 320 - 999 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1K5

The BC Ombudsperson may be able to help you if you think a provincial government ministry or public agency has treated you unfairly.  The Office of the Ombudsperson receives enquiries and complaints about the practices and services of public agencies within its jurisdiction. Our role is to impartially investigate these complaints to determine whether public agencies have acted fairly and reasonably, and whether their actions and decisions were consistent with relevant legislation, policies and procedures. Our services are provided free of charge.

Tenancy Branch The Residential Tenancy Branch provides landlords and tenants with information and dispute resolution services. The information on this web site will help you understand your rights and responsibilities under British Columbia's Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act.

UNTAPE is a site where people with disabilities and their families come to share practical tips for cutting through red tape and getting the help they need.

Vancouver Island Crisis Line is committed to providing an accessible, 24-hour telephone response service. We endeavour to provide emotional support during times of crisis, information about community resources, education intended to promote community wellness, and to reduce the incidence of suicide. We value the principles of confidentiality, non-judgemental acceptance, respect for diversity, personal empowerment, and cooperation.


The British Columbia Family Net Society is an independent provincial network that provides a provincial voice for children and youth with special needs, adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is a Canada-wide association of family members and others working for the benefit of persons of all ages who have an intellectual disability.

The Citizen is a newsletter published electronically and in print every two months by CLBC and is your information source for stories and photos on events, projects, initiatives, groups and people in communities around the province.

Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) delivers support and services to people with developmental disabilities, children with special needs and their families in British Columbia. All referrals for our Adult and Residential services come through here. It has a board of self-advocates, family and community members, as well as staff located throughout the province. We believe that people with developmental disabilities and their families know best when it comes to their needs, goals and planning for the future

ConnectABILITY is a website and virtual community dedicated to lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks. The site is organized by age group to help you find the right information for you.

The Disability Alliance of BC website is a valuable tool to support people with all disabilities to live with dignity, independance and as equal and full participants in their communities. 

NIDUS is a Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry.  Nidus provides information to British Columbians about personal planning, specializing in Representation Agreements. 

Rolling Around In My Head is a blog by David Hingsburger.  David has been involved in providing education and counselling for people with disabilities for over 30 years.  In that time he has become involved in the self-advocacy movement and has provided self-advocates with training on abuse prevention, advocacy and rights.  Dave travels internationally and gives workshops to people with disabilities, their families and care providers. 

iBelong At present, very few resources exist to aid those with intellectual disabilities to learn about and actually form satisfying, mutually enriching friendships. L’Arche Canada has created this online resource because we want to help all individuals with disabilities to have lasting friendships.

I Can Be Safe Online The Internet is entertaining and can open a world of knowledge, but it can also lead to embarrassing or scary situations for yourself and others. Worse still, it could put your safety or your privacy at risk. Learn more about staying safe online by watching the videos, reading the tips, checking out the blog and taking the quiz.

Lifeline personal response and support services provide 24-hour help or assistance at the touch of a button. If you have an emergency or need help, push the Personal Help Button. Response Centre Associates who have instant access to your complete profile and critical information will connect with you immediately to see what help you need. Even if you can't answer, Lifeline sends help at once. Whether it is a neighbour, family member or ambulance, Lifeline will send the help you need right away. For more information call 250-723-2135 or visit their website.

Nanaimo & Region Disability Resource Centre The Nanaimo and Region Disability Resource Centre is a non-profit, charitable organization which believes that all people living with a disability have the right to, and should be empowered to, make informed choices about their lives. The DRC meets the needs of people living with disabilities so that they can make educated choices to improve the quality of their lives. The Centre achieves this through programs and services designed by and for people living with disabilities.

People First of Canada is the national voice for people who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. The group promotes rights – human rights, citizenship rights, accommodations rights and language rights. The right to freedom, choice and equality for all.

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network As families, we want our loved ones to live a good life. After speaking with thousands of families and persons with disabilities, we think that a good life is:

  • having a home
  • being surrounded by family and friends
  • having enough income to live with dignity
  • making choices
  • pursuing one's interests and passions
  • making a contribution.