Access Victoria 2012Access is a community based program which enables adults to pursue recreational and leisure activities of their choice, with the greatest degree of independence, based on each individual's capacity for growth. We encourage people to maintain or improve their relationships with others. Activities are group led and facilitated by a community support worker who encourages individuals to make their own decisions and work toward consensus decision making. Self-directed plans are implemented for each person, based on the individual's strengths and needs.

Participants are given support in the following areas:

* Recreational activities * Social skills * Community awareness * Safety skills * Encouraging peer networks * Mentorship * Mini workshops *

Access groups may consist of 4 participants. Individuals join the groups based on availability of space, staff ratios, and client interests. Participants receive 3 hours of service per week. It is the Participants responsibility to meet at the Access office on time on their designated evening as often activities are held in the community.Access Tubing

Participants choose the activities they would like to participate in each month.  Bowling is a popular choice.  Participants also go out for dinner, to the movies, attend Bulldogs games, and attend other events in the community.

Access schedule

Monday 5:30-8:30
Tuesday 3:00-6:00
Tuesday 6:30-9:30
Wednesday 3:00-6:00
Wednesday 6:30-9:30
Thursday 3:00-6:00
Thursday 6:30-9:30
Friday 5:30-8:30