The Semi Independent Living Program provides support to adults with developmental disabilities who live on their own or have a desire to live on their own.  Areas of support include all aspects of life skills required to live independently.  Daily living supports include banking, budgeting, laundry, shopping, meal preparation and light housekeeping.  Other areas of support are medical appointments home safety, as well as, connecting with other agencies and community services.

 Group Photo 4Group at Nanaimo Harbour Boardwalk July 2017




Tues We Cook Group 2

We Cook Program

The "We Cook" program is designed to support indivduals with a developmental disability who live on their own.  Staff facilitate two groups per week with the emphasis on "Food Safe" practices and how to work within a budget.  They also focus on healthy food choices and portion control.  Each group prepares five different meals; meals are then packaged and sent home with participants to be frozen and enjoyed throughout the week.  

When asked why they enjoy attending We Cook, people said:

I enjoy learning new recipes
It is good to gain kitchen experience and skills
I like making my own meals, especially the homemade soup!
I am now able to make stir fry at home



Whole Living Crew Apr 2017


The whole Living Group meets every second Thursday from 12:30 - 2:30 pm at our Services for Community Living Office.  This is a drop-in program with a "round table discussion" format that covers a wide variety of topices including: Relationships, How our Bodies Work, Stress Management, Dealing with Change, Conflict Resolution and Healthy Eating.  People attending Whole Living shared the following thoughts:

I enjoy Whole Living because I have learned how my body works. I recently had surgery that made me have to change the way I live and eat. Whole Living helped me understand some of the reasons why and the group is interested so I can talk about the surgery without feeling uncomfortable.

I like how we can get together to problem solve and support each other with our health issues and questions. I feel a lot of moral support from the other people in the group. It has helped me understand how different things like diet and stress can affect you. I have lost weight since I started because I think I make better choices about nutrition and portion control

I come to Whole Living to learn more about my body and how to keep it healthy. I have learned how to choose foods that are better for me. I also have met new people and made some new friends. During a medical emergency, I also had an opportunity to use some relaxation breathing skills that we had learned at a Whole Living group.

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