heading to daycareOur Supported Child Development Program is part of the Early Intervention Team. This team consists of Infant Development Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech-language Pathologists, Physicians, Public Health Nurses, and Infant Development Consultants.

This program provides support to families who have children with special needs by helping them to obtain services in community child care settings. Staff assist the families and child care agencies put plans into place to ensure the child has the best opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. The primary focus is on children zero to six years and depending upon budget availability children ages seven through twelve years are a continued priority.

Supported Child Development (SCD) provides a range of consulting and support services so that children that require extra support can be included in regular child care settings. The program is intended to serve children from birth to age 19.

Supported Child Development Consultants help determine the family and child's needs and match these with the resources available in the community. Parents are involved at every step as the key partners in their child's success. In addition, SCD Local Advisory Committees (LACs) involve parents and other key government and community partners in many aspects of program planning and service delivery.

Participation in SCD is voluntary and the program is available to all families, including families on or off reserve. While the program is free, parents are responsible for child care fees. Low and middle income families may apply for child care subsidies to assist with child care fees.painting

Referral and Acceptance Procedure

Parents may contact the SCD program directly, or may be referred by community professionals including: child care providers, Infant Development consultants, therapists, Public Health Nurses, doctors or social workers.

For more information about the Supported Child Development Program, call
• Hayley Tassie 778-421-4404 option 3
• Marina Slusar at 778-421-4404 option 4
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information on the Supported Child Development programs of British Columbia can be found at Supported Child Development of BC.